Leadership Public Financial Mngmt II (LPFM II)

Led by Nathan Associates, LPFM II will support USAID in improving economic governance in a number of countries, providing technical leadership and assistance in PFM as well as 1) Tax policy and administration; 2) Trade and regulatory reform, including customs administration and the business enabling environment; 3) Macroeconomic analysis and economic policy; and 4) Sector-specific analysis of PFM, taxes, and trade in health, education, and infrastructure.In each of these areas Nathan Associates will provide training, applied research, assessments, and technical assistance that benefits of host-country officials and USAID experts in Washington, D.C., and in the field. Project may focus on issues that affect many countries, such as gender-sensitive budgeting, or specific sectors in individual countries.
USD 118500.00
Project Start Date
September 27, 2014
Project End Date
September 29, 2018
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