CATA Senior Leadership Programe 2020 (Part 1)


The 8-month long programme combines residential elements in Guyana and the UK with work carried by participants in their own countries. Led by HMRC leadership trainers, this varied programme will include inputs from senior leaders and subject experts from HMRC and other organisations. Residential phases use a variety of training methods and are highly interactive.  Non-residential components will focus on applying learning and new approaches  within your workplace. The programme includes opportunities for reflection, discussion and networking with participants from a diverse range of tax authorities. 

Participants should either already be senior leaders, (within the top two or three tiers of  the organisation’s leadership structure) or will have been identified as a rising star expected  to reach those levels within the next five years. Participants should be keen and open to adopt new ideas. They should have the support  of their organisation to put these into practice in their workplace. As the programme is delivered in English, participants will have a good command  of this language. 

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