Data Sources and Disclaimer

The DRM Database provides an overview of technical assistance projects carried out worldwide by ATI development partners to support the mobilisation of domestic revenue in ATI partner countries. It serves as basis for a continuous coordination as well as improved effectiveness and efficiency of development cooperation in this area.

Data sources

The data used in the DRM Database is based on the reporting under the OECD DAC CRS purpose code 15114 (DRM code). The DRM code is defined as follows:

“Support to domestic revenue mobilisation/tax policy, analysis and administration as well as non-tax public revenue, which includes work with ministries of finance, line ministries, revenue authorities or other local, regional or national public bodies. (Use code 16010 for social security and other social protection.)”

For the purpose of the ATI Monitoring, some ATI development partner and ATI partner countries report additional projects or adjusted project information that were not been included in the OECD DAC database due to technical difficulties. Therefore, the data used in the DRM Database consists of OECD DAC data adjusted for the purpose of the ATI monitoring exercise.

Original funding amounts distributed in a currency other than US dollar were converted, in most cases using the exchange rate of the data insertion date. Where indicated, funding figures may represent the full budget of a larger programme where domestic revenue mobilisation is one of several components. This makes the sum of total funding provided by all programmes in the DRM Database an approximation.

The data can be downloaded here.


The DRM Database is based on the monitoring exercise undertaken by ATI development partners in the framework of the Addis Tax Initiative. The International Tax Compact manages the DRM Database and further enriches the DRM Database by collecting and publishing additional information on international cooperation in the area of domestic revenue mobilisation.

If you have questions, remarks or feedback regarding the DRM Database please contact the International Tax Compact via